The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #115 Darren Nicholson (Balsam Range)

My guest this week is a founding member of the award winning band Balsam Range. Darren Nicholson has also got himself a brand new album out called “Man on a Mission” and it is available everywhere you get your music, so go out and get yourself a copy. You can keep up with Darren at his website and also keep up with Balsam Range at their website

Also, here are some links to some music we discussed on the episode 

Marc Pruett

Jethro and Howard Levy 

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Song clips featured in this episode:

Love is War – Darren Nicholson (Man on a Mission)

Trains I Missed – Balsam Range (Trains I Missed)

Love, Oh Please Come Home – Reno and Smiley (Love, Oh Please Come Home)

Lonesome Feeling – The Osborne Brothers (Once More Vol 1 and 2)

Man on a Mission – Darren Nicholson (Man on a Mission)

Bending the Rules – Jesse McReynolds (Bending the Rules)

After You’ve Gone – Jethro Burns (Jethro Burns)

Get Up John – Ricky Skaggs (Bluegrass Rules)

Amanda Jewell – Darren Nicholson (Darren Nicholson)

Rawhide – Darren Nicholson (Fret a Spell)

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