5 Quick Questions With……….Jesse Cobb

Jesse Cobb

Today’s 5Qs is posting a day early because our subject has a online concert tonight (April 1st) at https://www.concertwindow.com/74532-jesse-cobb! If you’ve never watched an online concert before, this is the way to do it! The show is at 9pm EST and I would highly recommend checking it out!

Jesse is an amazing mandolin player! I first heard him with his former band the Infamous String Dusters. I was blown away at his mix of styles he played throughout the album…….I played that CD over and over trying to pick up some of those licks!

He’s since left the band and has gone on to release his own release called “Solitude” which is a pretty rare solo mandolin recording (except for the last track the excellent “Truth” which is available here along with a few other holiday tunes. He’s also traveled as Noam Pikelny’s mandolin player which is a band filled with bluegrass royalty!

So here is 5 Quick Questions with…….Jesse Cobb!

  1. What are you currently playing (mandolin brand, strings, picks etc)

    I use either tortoise shell pick or a 2mm Dunlop Gator pick. I play D’Addario EXP75’s, on my San Juan F5 style mandolin built by Bobby Winteringham from Delores CO.

  1. What are you currently listening to?

    I have been listening to an amazing songwriter named David Leask from up near Toronto by way of Scotland. Also, Punch Brothers and my favorite Darrell Scott album, Theater of the Unheard.

  1. What’s your favorite beverage when picking some tunes?

    Beer, preferably a strong IPA from Southern Tier or Boneshaker from Amsterdam Brewing in Toronto. I have also in the house right now an amazing stout called Bolshevik Bastard from Nickle Brook in Hamilton ON.

  1. If you were to pick up your mando at this second, what tune would you play?

    One I wrote that has yet to be named, officially. Kind of a play on an old Heart song called Barracuda. I call mine the same thing, for now. It has the same rhythmic pulse as the other one. Plus a cool little Japanese type bridge. 

  1. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

    If you’re asking about music: Don’t compare yourself with others. I remember watching Thile/Marshall in Nashville on the first Into The Cauldron tour. I was so bummed out by my abilities after watching them wail on mandolins for two hours! As the concert wrapped up, I saw Mike Compton in the crowd and proceeded to run myself down, threaten to burn my mando, just give up. His response was,              “Oh………..they’re just as frustrated as you about something”. I took that to heart and continued working on my own style of playing and quit trying to emulate them both soon after. I still admire them, just don’t compare myself (or anyone else) in that way. Every mandolinist is great at different things. 

    Life in general: Love

Here are some links to get in touch with Jesse and please check out the Concert Window show tonight April 1st at 9pm EST!!


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