Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #30 Caleb Klauder of Foghorn Stringband

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This week’s guest is Caleb Klauder. If you’ve traveled anywhere in North America and Europe, or have spent any time listening to country music that is outside of the radio charts, you will have heard the name Caleb Klauder. Caleb represents the best of the Northwest music scene and his music has inspired many people across the globe. Caleb has been touring nationally and internationally for over 20 years. He first toured with acclaimed folk-rock band Calobo, a luminary in the Northwest’s burgeoning 90’s music scene. He has been leading his own band, the Caleb Klauder Band, since 2000, a venue for his original and timeless songs. And he is a founding member of the widely celebrated Foghorn Stringband, with whom he tours regularly. Caleb’s music is far reaching and influential.

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