Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode # 35 Tim Connell

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This Week’s Guest is Tim Connell!

A graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music and a virtuoso mandolinist with over twenty years professional performing experience, Tim Connell has created a sophisticated and original global mandolin style. Regarded as one of the top North American interpreters of Brazilian choro, Tim has also developed his own unique voice for the instrument, described in a recent Mandolin Magazine cover story as “fiery and energetic, soulful and evocative.”

To sign up for Tim’s workshop courses go to this LINK You can also find time on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

To get the album Caprichos by Hamilton de Holanda as well as the pdf files for the tunes go to this WEBSITE

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  1. Excellent podcast, a lot of really insightful stuff in there. It’s good to hear Tim only has the one mandolin, hopefully it will stop me wanting more.
    Keep up the good work

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