The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #154 Michael Prewitt (Special Consensus)

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My guest this week is Michael Prewitt. Michael is the current incredible mandolin player / vocalist that is playing with Special Consensus. You can catch them on the road and you can keep up with Michael at his Instagram here and his website here!

Also, here are some links to the fiddle players Michael talks about during the episode:

Andy Dejarlis 

Reg Bouvette

Isidore Soucy 

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Song clips featured in this episode:

Rose’s Crossing by A lot of people! 

“Tennessee 1949” by Larry Sparks (Silver Reflections)

“Home from the Forest” By Tony Rice Unit (Manzanita)

“Harford’s Real” Sam and David (Hold On, We’re Strummin)

Surveyor’s Reel By Andy Dejarlis (Youtube)

Red River Jig by John Showman and Chris Coole (Afield)

“Maple Sugar” by Reg Bouvette (Fiddling Across the Border) 

“Signs” by Special Consensus (Signs)

“Blackbird” by Special Consensus (single)

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