The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #168 Korey Brodsky (Mile Twelve)

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My guest this week is Korey Brodsky. He is a Berklee grad who has joined up with Mile Twelve. They have a brand new album coming out Feb 3rd and you can go Pre-order and Pre-save it here at their website! You can also keep up with Korey at his website here as well, where you can sign up for lessons!

Songs clips from this episode:

Close Enough to Hear by Mile Twelve (Close Enough to Hear)

Over the Waterfall by David Grier and Mike Compton (Climbing The Walls)

On The Shelf by Circus No. 9 (Modernus)

Morelos Blues by G Rockwell (Spark!)

Johnny Oklahoma by Mile Twelve (Close Enough to Hear)

Shuckin’ The Corn byRonnie and Rob McCoury (S/T)

Crockett’s Honeymoon by Scott Nygaard (Dreamer’s Waltz) 

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