The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #171 Petri Hakala

 Support the Mandolins and Beer Podcast at my Patreon page!My guest this week is Petri Hakala. Petri is an extremely accomplished Finnish mandolin player as well as a scholar and luthier. He doesn’t have a website at the moment but you can buy his music on Bandcamp! Petri has also supplied me with a great list of links with videos, albums he’s done and some of his European mandolin influences which is below:

You tube:
Petri Hakala & Markku Lepistö: Brief Hesitation ( tango by PH ):
Petri Hakala & Markku Lepistö: Kilsanmäki ( by ML)
Petri Hakala & Piia Kleemola: Haapavesi Folk compilation 2018
Petri Hakala: Rautanen.
Opening tune from my first cd “Kirjo” from 1999.
I don´t know who put this up but here it is anyway

with Timo Alakotila: Mandolin Concerto

Petri Hakala & Piia kleemola: Field Trip

Recordings with Markku Lepisto:

I forgot to mention a band we had in the 90´s: The Helsinki Mandoliners.
two cd´s:
out of print but you can listen some of the tunes on this page.
the second cd is this:

My first cd is this:
you can actually find all the others here also if you click my name:

One more recording that i´m proud to be part of:
Eric Bibb & North Country far: The Happiest Man in the World

European players:
from Sweden:
Ale Möller : mandola
Roger Tallroth : mandola
Magnus Zetterlund : mandolin ,mandola

Patrick Vaillant ( the records with Ricardoi Tesi & The Melonious Quartet cd´s also )

Songs featured in this Episode: 

“Karlssonin” valssit by Petri Hakala (Trad)

“Movement 1” by Peti Hakala and Timo Alakotila (Mandolin Concerto)

“Movement 3”  by Peti Hakala and Timo Alakotila (Mandolin Concerto)

“Metsapellon Pokkla” by Petri Hakal (Trad)

“Pickwick” by Petri Hakala and Markku Lepisto (Nordic Route)

“Kokkola” by Melonious Quartet (Fandango Provenca Sessions)

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