The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #174 Elisa Meyer Ferreira (Choro Das 3)

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This week on the podcast  my guest is Elisa Meyer Ferreira from the group Choro Das 3. Elisa and her sisters are incredible musicians and they will be heading to the United States for quite a long tour this year! To keep up with the band be sure to go to their website HERE. To follow Elisa on Instagram head to this link HERE!

Song clips from the episode:

“Festa no Chiquero” by Choro Das 3 (Impressoes)

“Forro de um Baixo So” by Choro Das 3 (Vigantes)

“Alma Portuguesa” by Choro Das 3 (Olho de Boi)

“Rock da Silva” by Choro Das 3 (15 Anos)

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