The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #180 Ethan Bush (Arkansauce)

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 My guest on the podcast this week is Ethan Bush from the band Arkansauce. They have a brand new album that is available everywhere you get music today! Ethan took time to talk about songwriting, practicing, the studio, touring and thanks to Ethan and thanks to everyone that continues to listen to this podcast! You can keep up with Arkansauce at their website, their Instagram and their Facebook

Tracks featured on this episode:

Up on the Shelf by Arkansauce (Ok to Wonder)

Coldiron by Arkansauce (Ok to Wonder)

Paralyzed by Arkansauce (All Day Long)

First Night of the Tour by Arkansauce (Ok to Wonder)

Big City Chicken by Arkansauce (Ok to Wonder)

Airbender by Arkansauce (Ok to Wonder)

The Funky Gorilla by Arkasauce (Ok to Wonder)

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