The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #185 Brittany Haas (Haas, Hawktail, Punch Brothers, Crooked Still)

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My guest this week is Brittany Haas. Brittany has a brand new album out with here sister Natalie called….Haas (available here) and she is also now the newest member of the Punch Brothers! Keep up with Brittany at her website and go and follow her on the Instagram!

Songs clips featured on this episode:

Harvelandsvalsen/Potatis Valsen by Haas (Haas)

Duck River by Brittany Haas (Dry and Dusty)

Cold Mountains by Crooked Still (Some Strange Country)

Big Sun by Hawktail (Place of Growth)

Barnimal by Sami Braman (Riveter)

Kevin & Micheal / Wayne’s Jig (Haas)

Rose Gardener by Haas (Haas)

The Volunteer by Haas (Haas)

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