The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #189 Callum Morton

My guest this week is Callum Morton. Callum Morton is an up-and-coming acoustic instrumentalist with a drive to collaborate with some of the world’s finest Americana musicians. Drawing inspiration from his studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and at East Tennessee State University, Callum has crafted a delightful showcase of original compositions for acoustic string-band ensembles. Callum is joined by a superlative roster of acoustic specialists; each lending their rich and thoughtful musicianship to lift the compositions to soaring heights. 

In 2019 Callum achieved national recognition appearing on BBC Scotland’s The Quay sessions with folk-fusion group, The Auldeners. Callum formed a Bluegrass band, The Fountaineers, during lockdown restrictions and quickly achieved an official virtual artist spot at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass Ramble 2021. Callum appeared with this Bluegrass outfit performing at several landmark Bluegrass music festivals across Europe in 2022 including La Roche, France.

 Callum is quickly becoming one of the rising talents in the UK Americana acoustic scene. His new music endeavour, The Callum Morton Band features stellar instrumental playing, relatable catchy earworms and stories from his time studying and touring with his mandolin. You can keep up with Callum at his website HERE….and more importantly, you can back his KICKSTARTER HERE!!!!

Song clips featured on the is episode

”Train on the Island by the Fountaineers (S/T)

The Folky Gibbon By The Chair (The Chair)

“Tarbolton/Longford Collector/Sailor’s Bonnet” by Dartry Ceili Band (The Killavil Post)

“Ootpik Waltz” by Thile and Daves (Sleep with One Eye Open)

“Pitchin’ Wedge” by Adam Steffey (Grateful)

“Lonesome Pine” by The Fountaineers (S/T)

“Barrel Full of Beer” by The Daddy Naggins (A Certain Paradise)

“Oban Bay” by Callum Morton (TBA)

“New Essex Stomp” by Callum Morton (TBA)

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