The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #194 Daniel Ullom

My guest this week is Daniel Ullom. While he specializes in bluegrass and old time…that’s not all he does. He’s originally from Washington, moved to Asheville, back to Washington and now he’s back east and currently playing shows with Jake Eddy. He recently put out a great album called the “Swannanoa Sessions” and you can keep up with him at his Website  and Instagram

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Song Clips featured in this episode:

“Eurkea” by Chris Thile (Not all that wander)

“Roving Gambler, Jaybird in the Ashbrook” Foghorn String Band (Rattlesnake Tidal Wave)

“Durang’s Hornpipe” by Daniel Ullom (The Swannanoa sessions)

“New Five Cent” by Rocky Creek Ramblers (S/T)

“Wild Hog in the Woods” by Daniel Ullom (The The Swannanoa sessions)

“Grey Eagle” by Daniel Ullom (The The Swannanoa sessions)

“Sally Goodin” by Ed and Ella Halley (Stole from the Throat of a Bird)

“New Gravy Waltz” by Hot Club Sandwich (No Pressure)

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