The Mandolins and Beer Podcast #202 Welcome Back Ethan Setiawan!

This week I welcome back to the podcast Ethan Setiawan! Ethan has a brand new duo album available today with the project Hildaland! 

Hildaland will release their debut album Sule Skerry on November 3rd via Adhyâropa Records and today shares their first single “Silver Dollar”.
Scottish fiddler Louise Bichan and American mandolinist Ethan Setiawan have been making music together for years as part of the four-piece outfit Corner House. Now the two instrumentalists have taken the opportunity to see what a stripped-down duo sound can manifest, in the form of Hildaland. On their debut album, the pair focuses on remaking traditional music, with a focus on Bichan’s Scottish musical roots.

You can purchase the album and check out more info about the project here!

Also, Jacob Jollif has an incredible mandolin course coming up in Nov….here is the link to sign up!

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