The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #118 Simon Dunson

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Happy New Year! My guest this week is Simon Dunson! Simon has an incredible new release of all original material available now! It’s fantastic….do yourself a favor and buy it today. If you’d like to keep up with Simon….click the links below!

Simon Dunson Website

Simon Dunson Instagram

Simon Dunson Facebook

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Song clips featured in this episode:

Simon Dunson – Bumble Bee (Chicken Bride)

Simon Dunson  – Dollar Shrimp (Chicken Bridge)

Chris Thile – Sonata No.1 in G minor (Bach Sonatas and Paratitas Vol. 1)

Hank Mobley – Dig Dis (Soul Station)

Simon Dunson – Lullaby (Chicken Bridge)

Simon Dunson – Sydney (Chicken Bridge)

Simon Dunson – Always, Always (Chicken Bridge)

Simon Dunson – Gym Class (Chicken Bridge)

Grant Green– Tico Tico (The Latin Bit)

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