The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #128 Dominick Leslie & Ric Roberston

Episode #128

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My guests this week are two of my favorites! Dominick Leslie and Ric Roberston are putting out a brand new album this week called “Trust in Most”. It’s a great record and it really gives you a fly on the wall perspective of two buddies playing music they love! Check Dominick out here and check Ric out here and You can purchase the album here! 

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Song clips featured in this episode:

‘East Virginia Blues” – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

“The Saga of Harrison Carbfeathers” – Mike Marshall & Chris Thile (Into the Cauldron)

“Roots Waltz” – Dom and Ric (Shrimp Tales)

“Autumn Leaves” – Dom and Ric  (Trust in Most)

“What a Friend we Have” – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

“One Love”  – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

“Jealous Guy”  – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

 “The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers” – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

“Opus 38” – David Grisman (Dawg ‘90)

“Home Sweet Home” – Dom and Ric (Trust in Most)

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