The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #133 John Skehan of Railroad Earth

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My guest this week is John Skehan. You may know John from his 20 years with the band Railroad Earth. They have a brand new album out today that is available everywhere you get music! This album is fantastic! To see where you can catch up with John and the Railroad Earth guys, check out their website HERE! You can find John’s Instagram HERE!

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Song clips featured in this episode:

The Great Divide by Railroad Earth (All for the Song)

Showers of Rain  by Railroad Earth (All for the Song)

Mighty River  by Railroad Earth (Bird in a House)

All for the Song  by Railroad Earth (All for the Song)

Crossing the Gap by Railroad Earth (Amen Corner)

Come and Go Moon by Railroad Earth (All for the Song)

Bach Andante B minor Sonata by John Skehan

Vivaldi Concerto by John Skehan

Duo I C Major by John Skehan and Todd Collins

Bach Presto G Minor by John Skehan

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