The Mandolins and Beer Podcast Episode #141 Carter Shilts (The Honeygoats and Chicken Wire Empire)

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My guest this week is Carter Shilts. Carter plays with The Honeygoats and has also been filling in with Chicken Wire Empire. He’s a great player, and has a really great right hand! Be sure to head over and follow Carter on his rad Instagram!

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Song clips featured in this episode

Dandelion Wine by The Honeygoats (Four Years in Three Days) 

Dear Hearts and Gentle People by Bing Crosby (20th Century Grt Hits)

Jordu by Clifford Brown and Max Roach (Same)

Cant’ Stop Now by New Grass Revial (Greatest Hits)

Hummingbird by The Honeygoats (Four Years in Three Days)

Old Fashioned  by The Honeygoats (Four Years in Three Days)

Swing 42 by Django Reinhardt (The Essential Django Reinhardt)

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