WTF is Mandolins and Beer?

WTF is Mandolins and Beer?

Well to start, they are two if my favorite things! Most importantly though, they are what I find peace and harmony in. They are what I can come to after a long arduous day.

I’ve spent years transcribing “licks” from some of my favorite mandolin players. Most of the time I enjoy a cool refreshing beverage while doing so. After looking at piles of books that I had filled with different transcriptions, I decided to do something with them. Most importantly, I decided to do something free with them.

I decided to start posting these little clips on Youtube and linking them on a website called Mandolin Cafe. Over 8,000 views on that website later, I decided to try and put a little more effort into it.

The videos are broken down into 3 parts. “The Lick”, “The Beer”, and “The Breakdown”. “The Lick” is what I transcribed and it could be from any style of music or by any type of player. “The Beer” is just a quick rundown of what beer I’m drinking while doing the video. (I’m hoping to solicit recommendations from the people who check these videos out as I love trying new brews!) Finally, “The Breakdown” is where I go over “The Lick” and slowly teach you the parts of it. BTW I make no money off of this process.

I also hope to get some giveaway items and hope to get some other mandolin players who are out there travelling the world to play their favorite licks!

That’s pretty much it! So please go to my Facebook page Mandolins and Beer and like it!



  1. you need to start a tee shirt line with yoru logo… mandolins and beer…. it would sell…. like a great beer.

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