5 Quick Questions with….Jenni Lyn Gardner!!


This Tuesday 5/12/2015 the band Della Mae released their newest cd called “Della Mae”. As if that isn’t exciting enough, they also played on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage that same night! A well deserved honor for the band that includes this week’s guest Jenni Lyn Gardner.

When I first started playing music in Charleston, I had quite a few people ask me if I was familiar with a “local”picker by the name of Jenni Lyn Gardner. At the time I was not, but the amount of praise she was receiving from her fans and friends was enough to make me check her music out. Man, am I glad I did!

If you aren’t familiar with the band, Della Mae is great. They are a hardworking group with great songs and incredible musicians. Jenni Lyn fits the bill perfectly! Tasteful and fiery at the same time, she has the gift of playing for the song and along with her mandolin skills, she’s also got a great voice!

She’s been a professional musician since the age of 18 and along with a Grammy nomination, she’s had IBMA nominations, taken part in the prestigious Mando Madness at Merlefest, been featured on the cover of Mandolin magazine, traveled the world playing music, and played with the father of bluegrass Bill Monroe!

On top of all of this Jenni Lyn also has another band called Jenni Lyn and the Palmetto Bluegrass Band! So I’m pretty stoked that she took time out of her busy schedule of touring to do this interview.

You can keep up with Jenni Lyn here! Check her and her band out and enjoy this 5 Quick Questions with….Jeni Lyn Gardner!

  1. What are you currently playing (mandolin brand, strings, picks etc)

JL–I play a 2014 Randy Wood Mandolin. EXP 75 D’Addario strings. Blue chip picks. K&K pick-up blended with a Chantelle Ear Trumpet Lab microphone for live sound.

2. What are you currently listening to?

JL–Sam Bush, Del McCoury Band, Blue Highway, Bill Monroe, and The Stanley Brothers. I am a huge Sara Siskind fan and most recently have been loving Billy Strings & Don Julin.

3. What is your favorite beverage when picking some tunes?

JL– It really depends on the occasion, but my go-to’s are: a bottle of PBR, IPAs or Patron with soda water and lime.

 4. If you were to pick up your mando at this second, what tune would you play?

JL– A tune written by Kyle Tuttle called Bobcat on the Banjo. We play it in my band Jenni Lyn & The Palmetto Bluegrass Band and it will be coming out on Kyle’s solo banjo album this year. It’s a super fun one to pick.

5.  What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

JL– Do your very best and BELIEVE in yourself.

Della Mae has a self-titled album coming out May 12th on Rounder Records and we are playing THE GRAND OLE OPRY!! We have an action packed touring schedule this year including Europe. Show dates can be viewed at www.dellamae.com.

Thank you mandolins and beer!

Thank you Jenni Lyn!

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