It has been a while

 Hey there everybody! Been a while…..

I apologize for the long delay. It’s been quite a year for me. Lots of ups but some downs as well. The biggest down was going back to work after being off for six months with a severe back issue / surgery. Getting back to work was great (an up) but it took a lot longer to get back to normal physically (a big down). Add to that the emotional stress of not being able to go back living my life how I was able to pre accident and it was pretty tough (another big down). I didn’t have all the downtime I had so posting videos and interviews took a backseat. 

The ups were I started playing with some great players in a band called The Blues Green and we have been playing A LOT!! My schedule is busier than ever with gigs and we are doing a pretty cool mix of swing, gypsy jazz and Americana. If you are in Charleston,SC come on out to a gig…I’ll buy you a beer (or soda)!

An even bigger up was meeting one of my heroes last night — The Dawg himself David Grisman. When I gave him some stickers and told him about the site, he responded “Yeah man!  I’ve check it out!” I almost fell over and I am definitely inspired. 

So I am going to try and at least post a new lick a month. I’m also going to change the format of the videos as well to keep them a little shorter.

Anyway, looking forward to more music in my life!




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