Mandolins and Beer #7 Stephane Grappelli Lick (part 1) and Lagunitas Brown Shugga

This week I breakdown  gypsy jazz master Stephane Grappelli’s lick from Django Reinhardt’s version of “I Got Rhythm”. It’s a fun one and although it falls in the key of Bb, a common jazz key but not a common bluegrass key, the fingering is pretty easy once you practice it.

The key is to swing the heck out of it. Playing this one straight up sounds rigid and unmusical. Start slow and get the feel of it first. Then slowly build your speed up. The best part about this lick is that it sounds cool no matter what tempo you play it in!!!

Here is the TAB grappelli lick part 1

Check back next week for part 2!

Also check out Lagunita’s “Strong American Ale” Brown Shugga. Oh my, this beer tastes so good you would never guess that the alcohol content is 9.9%. Wow, take it easy with this one!

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