Music of the Week #1


If you’re like me, you are always searching out inspiration to get you to the next level of your playing. I’m gonna try to post a link to something that is inspiring me to pick up “Buzz” each week. Maybe it’s an entire album or maybe it’s just a song. Regardless, if you’ve got something that is really got you inspired, shoot me a message! Cheers!
This week it is the new release by Tim Connell and Eric Skye called June Apple. I saw this on the front page at the good old Mandolin Cafe last night and I can’t stop listening to this album. The whole album is a beautiful collection of fiddle tunes done with beautiful pacing and unbelievable touch and tone. The entire recording is so darn warm sounding and makes me want to go work on my tone every time I hear it!
I’ve never heard of Tim Connell so doing a little research (which is easy in the Google age) I found his website which is located at I have to say, I’m stunned I had never heard of him before after looking at his accolades! This guy is incredible! So do yourself a favor and go check out check out samples online here! And treat yourself to the sonic goodness of June Apple and just try to not pick up your mandolin after you listen!
Buy the album at any of the following links:
Tim Connell

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